Expungement and Sealing

The Expungement and Sealing Unit (ESU) of the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court is here to assist you with the process of requesting the sealing or expungement of your criminal history record(s). Expungement is defined as removed from the public records per F.S. 943.0585.  Sealed is defined as restricted access based on F.S. 943.059 or a court order.  If you have questions or concerns about these forms, instructions, or your legal rights, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney. If you do not know an attorney, you may contact the Hillsborough County Bar Association Legal Referral Service

Expungement and Sealing FAQs

What are my options for obtaining customer service in the Clerk's office?

Mail:  P.O. Box 3360, Tampa, FL 33601-3360
Email:  Contact us
Phone:  (813)276-8100
In person:  Downtown Tampa, Plant City, Brandon, Ruskin (Southshore).  See wait times.


How do I request the expunction or sealing of my criminal case?

You need to first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

  • This site is very informative and provides you with downloadable forms. 
  • A certified copy of the disposition of the charge(s) to which the petition to seal/expunge applies to must be submitted. 
  • For Additional information in regards to obtaining certified copies of a disposition click on the applicable court type: Misdemeanor / Felony / Traffic / Juvenile.  

Once you have a Certificate of Eligibility, you can complete the Petition to Seal/Expunge, Affidavit and applicable Order

  • The information necessary for completing these forms will be indicated on the Certificate of Eligibility which you obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 
  • The format of these forms is taken directly from the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • These forms are provided as a convenience and you may need to modify the forms to fit your situation.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes and local Administrative Order  all costs, fines, and fees must be paid in full prior to your petition being considered by the court. 

  • Review your case to determine any outstanding costs, fines or fees due. The ESU will review your file and determine the costs associated with the sealing or expunging of your record.

After you have obtained your Certificate of Eligibility and have completed the above forms, print and sign all of the required documents.

  • Notarization available for $10.00 per document. 

Submit the original certificate and signed forms to the ESU Department of the Clerk of the Circuit Court with all monies due.

  • Please note that PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT be accepted for payment of these fees.

Deliver your paperwork and payment in person to the Clerk of the Circuit Court at one of our locations.

  • Please indicate the service needed is for (ESU) Sealing or Expunging.

Or by US mail to Clerk of the Circuit Court ATTN: ESU Dept.  P.O. Box 3360, Tampa, FL 33601-3360. 

A copy of your Petition must also be delivered to the Office of the State Attorney and the arresting agency.

To email ESU, click here

What are the fees and fines associated with this service?

See Felony Fees for more information.