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Lobbyist Registration

Hillsborough County Lobbying Ordinance 07-8 requires that ALL LOBBYISTS REGISTER at the time of any private meeting with a member of the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, any Assistant County Administrator, any Department Head, the County Attorney, or any Chief Assistant County Attorney, regarding any item which is pending before the Board of County Commissioners or being considered by the aforementioned county employees for presentation or recommendation to the County Commissioners.
A first violation of this ordinance shall result in the issuance of a warning by the County Attorney's Office. Each subsequent violation shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.


Lobbying Ordinance 07-8 In Detail (PDF)
Click on this link to see Lobbyists Ordinance 07-8. In broad terms:

  • Lobbyist registration must be done on prescribed forms.

Lobbying Forms 

Lobbying Reports
The Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners shall maintain the lobbyist activity information which shall be open for public inspection. These reports are updated quarterly.

2008 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2009 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2010 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2011 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2012 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2013 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

2014 Lobbyist Activity Report (PDF)

Lobbyist Registration Contact Information
Need to visit, email, call, or mail the BOCC Records Department? You can find that information here.