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The Collections Department oversees the collection of unpaid court ordered financial obligations.  The Clerk’s Office is responsible for pursuing the collection of any fees, services charges, fines, court costs, and liens for the payment of attorney fees and costs pursuant to Florida Statute 938.29 which remain unpaid after 90 days. The Clerk’s Office is authorized to refer delinquent accounts to either a private attorney or collection agent. The collection fee, including any reasonable attorney’s fee, paid to any attorney or collection agent retained by the clerk may be added to the balance owed in an amount not to exceed 40 percent of the amount owed at the time the account is referred to the attorney or agent for collection.

The Clerk’s Office currently uses two collection agents in the pursuing of unpaid court ordered financial obligations.

Contact our office at (813) 276-8100 if you have questions regarding any unpaid court ordered financial obligations.